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Retailer Support

Atlas Games was built with the partnership of game stores, and we’re committed to helping stores serve gamers. If you’re a retailer and you’d like to request demo copies, ask for event support, place an order, or just talk to us, please see our dedicated retailer page.

Visit Our Retailer Page

Customer Support

We’re here to help! Please look below to be sure you send us all the info we need to take care of you quickly.

Broken/Damaged/Missing Replacements

If you’re missing the rules, please look at the game’s product page to get a PDF of them so you can start playing right away. If you’d like a hard copy of the rules, you may request one from us by email. If you’re missing a card, please look at the cardlist for the game on its product page to make sure you’re not actually missing more than one. Then contact us at info@atlas-games.com

Rules Questions

For questions about our games or lines, first check that game line’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, which you can (usually) find linked in the right-hand sidebar of the line/product page in question. If you still aren’t able to find the answer you need, please email us. Please be patient while awaiting a response; for some games we may need to contact a given game’s designer to clarify things. Contact us at info@atlas-games.com

Website Issues

Did something go wrong? Let us know. Make sure to include the page link, your web browser version and a description of the problem. Email our webmaster at webmaster@atlas-games.com

Convention/Event Support

We love to support conventions and events! If you’re the event organizer or official representative, please fill out the form below. We rarely support conventions and events outside of the US, unless you have a US freight forwarder or US shipping address. We generally only send support for recurring conventions and store events once per year.

Convention and Event Support Form

Demo and Library Copies

We’re happy to provide demo copies in reasonable quantities. Please contact us at info@atlas-games.com to make your request and tell us more about how you’ll be using them.

Work With Us: Submissions, Jobs, Gigs, and More

Your Game Designs

Most of the board and card games we’ve published were created by independent designers who developed amazing prototypes and submitted them for consideration.

Read About Our Submission Process

Job Listings

Atlas Games is a small company with low staff turnover. We think that’s probably because it’s a pretty good place to work. (It does mean we don’t list open jobs very often, though.)

View Job Listings

Gig Listings

We hire a fair number of freelancers, most often to create art, edit copy, craft graphics, or do layout. We also hire temporary help when doing Kickstarter fulfillment.

Read About Gigs

Help Out at Conventions

We attend about a dozen conventions every year. Usually Con of the North, PAX East, Adepticon, the UK Games Expo, Origins, Gen Con, Gamehole Con, and PAX Unplugged, plus three to six distributor open houses and the GAMA Trade Show.

One way to get involved with Atlas Games is to help staff our booth, demonstrate our board and card games, or run our RPG events at these cons.

Ask About Staffing Our Booth or Doing Demos

Run RPG Events Though Our Special Ops Demo Team

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