Breakdancing Meeples Releases Today, July 10

Published by: Atlas Staff

You've perfected the Dosey Doe.

You've mastered the Mashed Potato.

You know your dance crew is the hottest around…but now it’s time to prove it.

Breakdancing Meeples is a real-time dexterity game of (you guessed it) breakdancing meeples. It's available in stores and online starting today!

Breakdancing Meeples art   Meeples

To play,

  • Roll your meeple dance crew as fast as you can, over and over.
  • Lock in useful rolls and re-roll the rest to complete dance routines and score points.
  • Play four one-minute dance rounds and tally your score; the crew with the most crowd appeal wins the trophy!

Breakdancing Meeples Poker Sized 6 Card Fan

Breakdancing Meeples comes in a metal tin that's nearly as indestructible as your high school boombox. It plays two to four people, ages eight and up, in five minutes. It was designed by Ben Moy.

Find Breakdancing Meeples at your friendly local game store or on our web shop.

Because when beats bump, meeples gotta dance.

Breakdancing Meeples Tin