Sneak Peak - Feng Shui: Apeworld on Fire!

Published by: Justin Alexander

Life in the Future juncture is bleak, but don’t worry, Chi warriors. It can always get worse. The ecosystem is shattered, oily purple clouds choke the sky, and your neighbors will probably kill you for water, fuel, or fun, but at least you’re free to starve on your own terms.

But out across the wastes, there’s a city of cybernetic apes and their psycho-phantic mutant freaks who want to run the whole rotten cinder. If they take over, your only career options are soldier, cattle, or fertilizer. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a choice at all to me.

Oh, and did I mention that their supreme leader thinks he’s literally God? Yeah. And his high priest has a plan to make everybody else think it too.

Apeworld on Fire! is a pulse-pounding pulp thriller by veteran Feng Shui designer Paul Stefko, with stunning art by Kevin Sidharta and Ari Ibarra.

Sneak Peek Apeworld   Car Chase

The adventure begins in the middle of a car chase through the Netherworld! As the vehicles careen through temporal portals, the PCs will find themselves dodging Frankish spears, cruising through a cocaine-fueled shoot out in Miami 1986, swirling through the fog of that fateful Samurai Dawn in 1600 AD Japan, and riding alongside the Musketeers as they chase a carriage filled with the agents of Cardinal Richelieu!

Sneak Peek Apeworld   Waystation

The chase comes to an end in the Future Junction, with the PCs following the kidnappers to Waystation, the Last Free City.

Sneak Peek Apeworld   Pontius Primate

This is a tale of two cities: The anarchic Waystation — filled with criminal cartels, dreamstim parlors, post-apocalyptic cults, and the desperate vestiges of civilization — and Apeworld, where the PCs will need to inspire a rebellion against the prophets of a false ape-god.

Sneak Peek Apeworld   Nanostock Demon

To the Mad Max-style insanity of the Future, Ari Ibarra has introduced the dark excitement of ‘80s techno-horror, beautifully illustrating concepts like the Nanostock Demon!

Feng Shui: Apeworld on Fire! is coming late summer 2021! It’s made possible by the Feng Shui Dragon subscribers, who are not only supporting the creation of amazing new Feng Shui books, but also receiving early access PDFs so that they can enjoy these adventures months before the final books come out!

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