Magical Kitties Save the Boring Grownup Gamers

Published by: Michelle Nephew

Peanut Gallery Comments from a Magical Kitties Adults-only Campaign over Zoom, Lightly Edited for Entertainment Purposes.


Michelle: The GM who's only played with small children before.

Gareth: Lord McFuzzyfeet, a daredevil black cat with white socks who can fly.

Jake: Tinker, a white kitty with brown & black spots who uses his zap power to fuel his scientific inventions.

John: Oolong, a mutt with brown fur, green eyes, and a dark mask who has laser eyes and can read.

Chris: Danno, a ginger and white alley cat who can alter his body to be water to help him scrounge.

Juan: Odin the superstitious manx coon with nightvision and other super senses.

Aidan: Swan Socks the indecisive white Himalayan, who has sight beyond sight and is prone to drama.


Michelle (GM)

For Magical Kitties next week, here are the character sheets to print out. All the rules you'll need are on the back of the character sheet.

You are all pet kitties. You and your human live in Happy Glade, a plain-vanilla suburb of the Twin Cities. Attached is the map of Happy Glade for reference.


Kris (Danno)

This looks great

Jake (Tinker)

Should I assume our kitties are 1st level?

Michelle (GM)


Good lord. It takes like 5 min to make a character.

How am I going to stretch this to several hours if you guys do it all in advance? LOL!

John (Oolong)

Do we want our humans to be in the same family?

Chris (Danno)

We could do that, I just came up with Doug the accountant for my human, he could be fit into any family

Michelle (GM)

You all live in the one apartment building in Happy Glade. You have to take different humans, but they can live together, like roommates or siblings or something.

Or not. It's up to you. 

Also, you level up every session, pretty much, so yes you're starting at 1st.

Also, just so you know, I'm going to write a blog post about this experience, and mock all of us thoroughly.

I won't use any real names. ;)


Juan (Odin)

I think I'm not gonna make it tonight all. Dealing with a home schooling meltdown tonight ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Michelle (GM)

Well, anybody who wants to jump in late is welcome to. Like I said, it really only takes 5 min to make a character, so it's no problem at all.

This particular campaign is set up as an unordered series of scenes, too, so missing previous ones is fine.

... and I JUST took the book off my shelf because I figured maybe I should skim it quick before actually running it.

... and I keep getting distracted from that by kids who REALLY need me to be a part of their TV-watching, but yet I'm still gonna be able to run this thing 30 min from now!

Magical Kitties is excellent.

Jake (Tinker)

Ohhhhh, and here I was starting to panic that I hadn't finished yet

John (Oolong)

I'll do my best to pretend I didn't spend most of the afternoon making my character

I'll just roleplay making my character while you guys make characters

Michelle (GM)


Do you think I could claim that GMing this is "work"?

John (Oolong)

Billable work? I guess it's up to you

Michelle (GM)

I own the company. Only my husband would complain. Just saying ...

Jake (Tinker)

I feel like we should keep in mind for the future that one of the uses of a Kitty Treat is to invoke a "bonus feature" (that you don't already have) for your Magical Power, and the bonus feature for Lord McFuzzyfeet's Flight is the ability to take us all with him. ;)

Chris (Danno)

Kitty air force!

Jake (Tinker)

Oolong could read a CD or DVD, or one of those huge laser disks from a very brief period of my school days

Chris (Danno)

Not as impressive.

Michelle (GM)

Whoo hoo! Finished skimming with 4 min to spare!

See you all on Zoom in a sec!


Michelle (GM)

Wow, I really didn't think we could stretch a 30-min episode out to 2 hours!

John (Oolong)

We're awesome roleplayers, apparently.

Michelle (GM)

Uh huh. That's totally it. It wasn't the constant interruptions for bad jokes at all.

Say ... if you guys wanted to figure out which lead you want to follow up on next time, that would make my prep even easier.

Chris (Danno)

I kinda like following the two shady looking “humans” to the park.

Jake (Tinker)

There's still the missing-and-possibly-imprisoned-in-her-own-apartment-by-aliens lady to check on as well.

Michelle (GM)

I really shouldn't have let you see the name of the adventure book was “Alien Invasion.”

Chris (Danno)

For next time, yeah we should probably check on the missing person first, that's probably more magical kitty like behavior.

Gareth (Lord McFuzzyfeet)

Yeah, if someone is missing, they can't pay attention to how cute we are.

Chris (Danno)

We could look for her in the fitness room … humans never go there.


John (Oolong)

Is anyone else making a hairless sphinx with bat wings?

Second character...

Michelle (GM)

Min-maxing Magical Kitties! Whee!

You should have heard my own nephew trying to get me to let him take Super Speed AND Super Strength as ONE power at “half strength” each.

It made me proud.

John (Oolong)

You're the one who said we could change anything after the first session.

Who knew we'd actually use Cute in this game!?


Michelle (GM)

This is basically a gubbledorf, for those who asked. It's an alien cat, that's green, with antennae.

Gubbledorf Art CHawks

Chris (Danno)

This is the gubbledorf disguise that Dano wants:

Gubbledorf Art

Jake (Tinker)

Sorry I missed. My wife's work schedule was different this week and I spent all day thinking it was Wednesday.

John (Oolong)

That's a bummer. We burned down Happy Land's concession stand.

Jake (Tinker)

Sorry I wasn't there for that


Then, by spending a plot-altering Kitty Treat, our hero kitties decided they had been alien experiments from years earlier to create cloned gubbledorfs, with a gene tweak to make them look just like Earth kitties. They had escaped from the alien lab at the Happy Land amusement park as kittens, found humans for themselves at the nearby apartments, forgotten all about it the way that kittens do, and then months later re-uncovered the alien plot.

After hijacking a scout ship to get to the Mothership hiding behind the moon (they made some EXCELLENT piloting rolls), they then disguised themselves as gubbledorfs just to be extra meta. That helped them win the affection of the aliens on board, overthrow the ruling council intent on invading Earth, and convince them to introduce themselves nicely to the humans, which couldn't possibly go wrong. 

But that's a story for another series of Magical Kitties Save the Day!


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