10AM SATURDAY Feng Shui Stream with Robin D. Laws!

Published by: Audrey DeLuca

This Saturday, June 29th, the Unconventional GMs channel is posting a Feng Shui RPG one-shot stream, with special guest Feng Shui creator Robin D. Laws! This was their first live recording, which happened from The Kraken game convention, a baroque gaming retreat in Germany earlier this spring. The stream will post at 10AM Central on the Unconventional GMs YouTube channel.

Unconventional GMs is a TTRPG actual play channel hosted by Guy (from Burn After Running blog), and Gaz (from the Smart Party Podcast). They run (mostly) one-shots with pace, vim, and vigor … and always in 2 hours or less. They aim for action-packed, roleplay-heavy sessions in a shorter space of time, and use their own experience as convention GMs to showcase excellent RPGs. 

The Feng Shui one-shot they'll be running is called Dracula Express, which promises to showcase the excitement of Feng Shui's action movie roleplaying. 

Subscribe to their YouTube channel so you don't miss Feng Shui this Saturday, June 29th at 10am Central!

And you can learn more and shop for Feng Shui here!


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