FENG SHUI 2 Update!

Published by: Atlas Staff
For the past month or so, hundreds of gamers have gathered at tables both physical and virtual to playtest the new edition of the world's premier roleplaying game of Hong Kong action cinema. Now, the feedback from that beta playtest is in the process of being collected and compiled for writer & game designer Robin D. Laws to use for his nefarious revisions. In the meantime, however, we've extended the playtest for those already signed up so that advancement and long-term play might be properly tweaked. We anticipate even more feedback over the next few months.

The big news is that this summer Atlas will launch a Kickstarter campaign for FENG SHUI 2 to gauge the intensity of fan support and marshal sufficient factions together to release the highest quality core rulebook possible! That sound you hear is the sound of thousands of junctures opening and closing throughout time and space, concentrating on this moment. Are your weapons loaded? Are your fists clenched? Are you ready to kick butt and save the world... again?

Stay tuned!