Witches of the Revolution FAQ

General Questions

  • Q. Are the Tyranny penalties (on the Liberty Track) cumulative?
    A. Yes. If the Liberty track is at 2, in addition to no discounts, you must pay one more resource than normal to recruit.
  • Q. Do Objective trophies (tokens) stop working at Liberty 3?
    A. Yes; the trophies provide a reduction in cost, and the Liberty 3 space says “no effects reduce recruiting costs”.
  • Q. Other than choosing harder Events and Objectives, and lowering the number of Blessings in the recruit deck, are there other options to make the game harder?
    A. Advance the Moon Track one or more positions; start the Liberty Track at 3, or even 2. But don’t say we didn’t warn you …
  • Q. What’s the precise mechanical sequence for reshuffling, Moon Track advancement, and additional Event play?
    A. It doesn’t usually matter, but since it can in some circumstances, here’s the timing sequence:
    1. A player goes to draw from their coven deck, but it’s empty (this triggers the sequence)
    2. The player advances the Moon Track one space
    3. The player adds an Event card to the line; if it refers to the acting player, it’s the player who’s about to reshuffle and draw. If the acting player has to do something with their hand, it applies to the cards in hand before reshuffling. If the acting player has to do something to their draw deck, they have none and escape the penalty unless the card says “reshuffling if required” — in which case continue to step 3, then apply the effect.
    4. The player reshuffles, then continues drawing (to a full hand, unless the Event which triggered the reshuffle says otherwise).

  • Q. What if more than one player has to reshuffle at the same time?
    A. Resolve them starting the the player whose turn it was when the reshuffles were triggered, then go around the table clockwise.
  • Q. What’s the order of resolution for Event cards when one is added, if others are pushed down the line?
    A. First, resolve the effect of the Event card drawn for the turn. Then add it to the line, and push cards to the right as needed, resolving from right to left. For example, if a Peril Event is pushed onto spot 5, a Liberty Event to spot 4, and another Peril Event to spot 3, you would banish a recruit, move the Liberty marker one spot toward Tyranny, then banish another recruit.
  • Q. On my turn, can I use my Recruiting to add a card to the top of someone else’s deck?
    A. Yes. You still pay costs as per usual, but instead of placing the recruit on top of your own deck, do place it on top of another player’s deck.
  • Q. Is it possible to win the game in its “all hard” configuration (i.e.: all hard Events, hardest Objectives, no Blessings in the Recruit deck)?
    A. Yes, though we’ve not heard of that happening … yet.

Card-Specific Questions

  • Q. If an effect refers to “any player” — does that mean “any and every player” or “any one player”?
    A. It means “any one player”.
  • Q. Is the “free” recruiting from Blessings or Objective cards stopped by the Liberty Track being at 3? What about at 2? What about at 1?
    A. No, you can still get “free” recruits from Blessings or Objective cards — specific rules supersede general rules, and that’s the case here with a card’s text superceding the board’s.
  • Q. For the effect, “Only Seekers and Relics may be used to overcome this Event” — does this mean Objective trophies cannot be used?
    A. Correct, trophies are cannot be used (they are neither Seekers nor Relics)
  • Q. For the effect, “A player must discard two Witch cards. If no player can, the Event is not overcome” — can two players discard one card each?
    A. No, it must be a single player discarding two cards.
  • Q. For the effect, “No more than two Witch cards may be used to overcome this Event” — do Objective trophies count towards this? What about Relic cards?
    A. Trophies are not cards, so they are not limited by this effect. However, “Witch card” refers to any card in a player’s coven deck — so Relic cards do count toward the two-card limit.
  • Q. For the effect, “No one can Recruit this turn” — does that supersede a Blessing or Objective card’s “free recruit” benefit?
    A. The ‘free recruit’ effect supersedes the ‘no recruit’ effect.
  • Q. What does “Remove an Event from the Line without overcoming it” mean?
    A. That you remove the Event card from the line, but don’t trigger any “when overcome” effect, nor do you take an Objective trophy.

Other Questions

  • Q. Are there expansions, sequels, or alternate language editions in the works?
    A. We’re thrilled at the prospect of all of these, but we have no plans to announce at this time. We recently posted a rules-only translation into Spanish — thanks to Javier Quintero.
  • Q. I like playmats — do you have plans for one for Witches of the Revolution?
    A. We’re not in the business of making mats, but because we like them too, there’s a high-resolution PDF on the website for a 24” x 14” mat
  • Q. The back of the box lists 42 tokens, but my copy only has 34 — what happened?
    A. The back of the box is wrong — the game comes with 34 tokens: four each of the eight types of Events (i.e.: Catastophe, Unaligned, Brewing, Channeling, Enchanting, Familiars, Hexes, Rituals), plus one each for the Liberty Track and Moon Track.

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