Northern Crown Errata

The Gazetteer

p. 93: The Bone Dancer's feats are incorrect. They should be Multiattack and Improved Initiative. Its challenge rating should be CR 6.

p. 95: The Gougou's claw attack should be +23 melee.

p. 100: The Lanternjack's broadsword damage should be 1d8+4 plus energy drain.

p.102: The Misig'nwa's claw damage should be 1d8+8.

p. 105: The Nyah-gwaheh's bite attack should be +24 melee.

p. 109 The Razorback hogge is missing the Alertness feat.

p. 113: The Thunderbird's claw and bite damage should be 1d8+4.

p. 115: U'tlun'ta is listed as having +10 natural armor; her armor is not natural armor, but rather stone armor.

In addition, almost any time a size change is indicated, it's taken into effect on the BAB/grapple line, which is a mistake, as size does not change the BAB/grapple, just the attack/full attack.