Feng Shi 2 Errata

Errata for Printed Core Rulebook
(corrects up to version 1.3)

  • p2 Index misses Big Bruiser

  • p3 Kickstarter Backers start on p335

  • p24 Advancements, 3rd para: "When you gain an advancement, consult your archetype's advancement track, below, for the range of choices available to you." Remove bolded.

  • p26, p28, p32, p34, p38, p44, p48, p50, p56, p58, p60, p62, p66, p68, p70, p74, p84, p96. Remove the Draw a Bead schtick from the advancement tracks.

  • p26, p28, p32, p34, p38, p42, p44, p48, p50, p56, p58, p60, p62, p66, p68, p70, p74, p84, Remove the Opportunistic Fire schtick from the advancement tracks as this is now an Assorted Fighting Rule p 112.

  • p27 Soul of the Sniper should be listed as a gun schtick, not a core schtick (icon in corner).

  • p36 Cyborg: Remove Juicer and Force Distributor from Awesoming Up. Add Plasma Tubules, Reflex Ramper, and Subdermal Plating. Remove Journalism from Skills in Awesoming Up.

  • p45 For the Squad: Text is not the same as in the guns chapter (p125).

  • p54 Awesoming Up: Goldenheart Monster changed to Conditional Escalation.

  • p59 Karate Cop's Wealth Level should be working stiff.

  • p65 Martial Artist's Wealth Level should be poor. Under Dim Mak, strike "or 49 for Bosses." Dim Mak has no effect on Bosses.

  • p73 Old Master's Wealth Level should be poor.

  • P77 Weapons Cutlass changed from 11/5/- to 10/5/-

  • P86 Awesoming Up removed Goldenheart Monster

  • p89 Change Intrusion 13 to Intimidation 13.

  • p102 Shot Counter sidebar: The large version of the Shot Counter is on p340, not on p348.

  • p107 Partial recovery: Toughness returns to normal at the beginning of the next session or whenever Wounds are returned to 0.

  • p127: The Way the Wind Blows text should read: Instead of a penalty under Adverse Conditions, you get a +2 attack bonus (to match Archer archetype).

  • p134 Thompson Center Arms Contender: Reload should be 7.

  • p140 Breathe of the Dragon: The second sentence should begin, "Until the end of the fight, named targets..."

  • p140 Fire Stance: This schtick costs 1 shot to use.

  • p148 Chase example, corrections bolded: "You make a Driving Check against the lead mutant jalopy. You check your Driving of 13 against a Difficulty of 12, the Driving Value of the opposing Driver, Plugley. You roll a Swerve of 1, for a result of 14, which beats Plugley's Driving for an Outcome of 2. Adding this to your Squeal of 10, and subtracting Plugley's Handling of 6, you deal 6 Chase Points to Plugley."

  • p149 Impairment from Chase points: Impairment from other sources than Wounds and Chase points still stack.

  • p172 Goldenheart Monster: This is the same schtick as the Supernatural Creature's Conditional Escalation. Rename it Conditional Escalation and move to page 171 in alpha order.

  • p182 Tortoise: Shell I should read "Spend 1 Chi and 3 shots" and Shell II should read "Spend 1 Chi and 2 shots" to match the Crab's versions of these two schticks.

  • p184 Brain Bleed: Change first line to "Make a ranged Mutant attack as a standard action that deals no damage."

  • p187 Adrenal Boy-Howdy: First line should begin, "Subdermal adrenaline injectors give your nervous system..."

  • p189 Reflex Ramper: Impairment goes away at the beginning of the next session.

  • p189 Subdermal Plating: Add a space between "7" and "Toughness."

  • P198 Gladiator Sword changed from "Sword (11) to Sword (10)

  • p189 Vampire Rounds: May apply to multiple firearms but will not stack on the same firearm.

  • p334 Index, Goldenheart Monster: Remove this entry and add entry for Conditional Escalation earlier in Index.

  • p334 Up Check difficulty should be 5.

Errata for Archetype Sheets


  • Under The Way the Wind Blows, replace "+2 attack bonus" with +2 Immunity Bonus to attacks."

  • Under Smoke Arrow, text should read: "When you hit an opponent with an arrow, that opponent suffers a point of Impairment until the next keyframe. The maximum Impairment any target can take from a Smoke Arrow is 1."

  • Under Rapid Volley, replace "deal than many Wound Points" with "deal that many Wound Points"


  • Hard to Kill: "Death Check Outcome" should be "Up Check Outcome"

Bounty Hunter

  • Remington 870 police damage should be 16 (includes signature weapon bonus). Include asterisk & note about sig bonus as per Maverick Cop.

  • Text under Crosshairs should read "Your attacks against the quarry gain a +2 bonus."


  • Awesomeing up: Remove Juicer and Force Distributor from Scroungetech schticks list. Add Plasma Tubules, Reflex Ramper, and Subdermal Plating. Remove Journalism from Skills list.

Everyday Hero

  • Awesomeing up: The line about increasing a skill value from less than 12 to 12 should be replaced by: Add Fix-It, Gambling, Leadership, or any new Info skill at 12.

  • Martial Arts should be 13, not 15.

Ex-Special Forces

  • Stats for guns are wrong. HK45C should be 10/2/3. H&K MP5 should be 10/5/1.

  • Fortune should be Chi.

  • Tiger Stance schtick chi box in lower left corner should be 2.

  • Change Field Triage to "spend 1 Chi and 1 shot."

Exorcist Monk

  • Remove the "Increase a backup attack" line in Awesoming Up as Exorcist Monk can't add a backup attack.

Full Metal Nutball

  • Bag Full of Guns II: Chiappa Rhino damage should be 12. Mossberg Special Purpose damage should be 13.

  • Nutball Luck should read "gain +3 Toughness" not "gain Toughness +3."

Gene Freak

  • Push schtick should have a dark box on lower left corner with 3 in it to represent 3 shot cost.

  • Mutant Punch should be a type schtick (thumbprint icon), not a Mutant schtick (DNA).


  • Remove Hellish Tolerance from Creature Powers list.

  • Remove 1 chi cost box on lower left corner of Chi Blast.

Highway Ronin

  • Against All Warlords! Change second sentence to read: "if the boss succeeds at an Up check, you can force the GM to reroll the Up check. Up or down, use the second result."

Karate Cop

  • Take the Shot should be +4, not +2.

  • Ouch! Amend this to read "where X equals the absolute value of your Swerve."


  • Beretta M12 stats should be 10/5/6; MP5 should be 10/5/1.

Martial Artist

  • Martial Arts and Defense should each be 15.

  • Wealth Level should be poor.

  • Dim Mak: Strike "or 49 for Bosses." Dim Mak has no effect on Bosses.

Masked Avenger

  • Police Shell Armor should be 5/25/0.

  • Change Defense to 13.

Maverick Cop

  • Smith & Wesson Model 29 stats should be 14/3/5 with * for Signature Weapon bonus.

  • In Signature Weapon schtick box, change .357 Magnum to Smith & Wesson Model 29 (it's a .44).

  • Hot Pursuit should read "Spend 1 Fortune to get +2 Driving until next keyframe when you are the pursuer in a vehicle chase." Add a 1 Fortune box in the lower left corner.


  • Joint Cased: add "...including at the beginning of this fight."

Old Master

  • Ignore chi cost box on lower left of Aerial Pushaway.

Private Investigator

  • Rossi Model 515 stats should be 8/2/4.

  • Disarming Shot: Add "shot" before "cost of their next attack."

Redeemed Pirate

  • Second to last sentence in background: "The pivotal events of your melodramatic hook sent you wandering again, perhaps far from your time and the seas you where you feel most confident." Remove the bolded "you."

  • Change name of Flesh Wound type schtick to 'Tis But A Scratch as Flesh Wound is used as a schtick name elsewhere.

Scrappy Kid

  • Remove Seduction from Awesoming Up skills list.

  • Cap "War" in "Chi War" in background.


  • Ignore 3 chi cost box on lower left of Corners of the Mouth.

  • Switch numbers in the boxes in Healing Chi (should be 1 chi and 3 shots).


  • 2nd Heal Wounds schtick should be called Scroll of Spells and be a Type Schtick (thumbprint icon). Remove Specialty.

Supernatural Creature

  • Remove Fur, Hellish Tolerance, and Webbed Feet from Creature Powers list.

  • Add the Ghost's "Add a skill you do not have" entry into the Supernatural Creature's Awesoming Up chart right below the Creature Powers add-on list.

  • Conditional Escalation: Change "if any one of your allies" to "if at least one of your allies" This is a type schtick (thumbprint), not a Creature Powers schtick (jaws.)

Sword Master

  • Add "Sword" to the list of Martial Arts page in the Awesomeing Up box.

  • Sword Master should have Chi, not Fortune.

  • Blooded Blade: Add "...and lasts until the end of the fight" to the end of the text.


  • Hightailing It schtick should read "Spend 1 Fortune to get +2 Driving until next keyframe when you are the evader in a vehicle chase." Add a 1 Fortune box in lower left.

FS2 - Burning Dragon

  • p18 Ronnie/Jackie states Guns 14 and it should be Martial Arts

  • p24 Pork Chops states first ranged attack should be first melee attack

FS2 - Paris

  • p13 States toughness ? for the young doctor. It should say 6.