Munchkin Duck of Gloom

Through special arrangement, a promo character card for Atlas Games' Gloom card game is included with the Munchkin Duck of Gloom released by Steve Jackson Games in early 2013. The Duck of Gloom is a plush that features a handy zipper pouch to hide all your hopes and dreams from an uncaring world. The promo character is Sir Neville Duckworthy, an Unwelcome Guest printed on opaque cardstock.


Sir Neville apparently forgot that you should never pick up a duck in a dungeon. He's a Victorian gentleman with a monocle and handlebar mustache...the original Munchkin explorer. As a nod to Munchkin, he has a prominent nose and the horned helmet worn by the iconic Munchkin character, and a duck tucked under one arm.

Sir Neville is an Unwelcome Guest, one of the "wandering" Characters for the Gloom card game that made their debut in the Unwelcome Guests expansion. They can attach themselves to any family, and switch loyalties whenever they see an opening somewhere else.

Unwelcome Guest Rules

Deal one or more Unwelcome Guests face up to the table's center at the the start of the game, and set aside the rest. Guests "follow" the card types noted on them; no matter where it currently is, a living Guest immediately moves to join the family of the character on which one of its "trigger" cards is played. All its Modifiers are moved with it, and it's considered a member of that family until it moves again.

Designer Keith Baker describes just a few of Sir Neville's quirks...

Sir Neville Duckworthy — The Original Munchkin

Among other things, I wanted Sir Neville to have the Duck icon (just as Whiskers the cat has the Beast icon). One of the main effects of having the Duck icon is that you are vulnerable to "Was Drowned By The Ducks." This makes perfect sense for a man with a duck. But there are relatively few Duck icons in Gloom, so as a promo (and Munchkin promo in particular) I also wanted his effect to be dramatic when one did show up to trigger it. Getting a free play is definitely that!