Unhappy Homes Card List


  • Those Meddling Kids
  • Estate Planning
  • A Noble, Stupid Sacrifice
  • The Butler Did It
  • Lucky Stiff
  • Out with the Old

Untimely Deaths

  • Didn't Think Things Through
  • Was Stirred Into the Stew
  • Was Drowned by a Duck
  • Died of Sheer Shame
  • Was Never the Same
  • Was Found in the Furnace


  • Was Knighted by Nincompoops
  • Was Comforted by Cocoa
  • Was Praised in the Papers
  • Starred On the Stage
  • Found a Clue in the Closet
  • Married into the Manor
  • Was Deceived by the Deed
  • Was Addled by Absinthe
  • Was Poisoned by Penguins
  • Was Robbed by Rascals
  • Was Mangled by Mimes
  • Murdered a Magistrate
  • Pandered to Pugs
  • Was Arrested for Arson
  • Fell in Love with a Leper
  • Was Bedeviled by Doctors
  • Was Badly Betrothed
  • Was Betrayed by the Butler
  • Was Tried for Treason
  • Was Detained by Detectives
  • Was Locked in the Lavatory
  • Was Seduced in the Stables
  • Was Stabbed in the Study


  • And the Spurious Tricycle
  • And the Daring Detectives
  • And the Sinister Surprise
  • And the Deadly Dress
  • And the Teatime Terror
  • And the Menacing Menagerie
  • And the Vacant Vault
  • And the Hidden Hoard
  • And the Morbid Museum


  • Marie Delacroix
  • Rosseau
  • Simon Simone
  • James DeWinter
  • Belladonna


  • Le Canard Noir
  • Castle Slogar
  • Hemlock Hall
  • Dark's Den of Deformity
  • Blackwater Watch

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