Unquiet Dead Card List


  • The Aisle of Dr. Moreau
  • The Doodle of Dorian Gray
  • The Icebox of Dr. Caligari
  • The Tattle-Tale Heart
  • Grave Expectations


  • Brain Transplant
  • Gravedigging
  • Monster Mash
  • Plot Twist
  • Release the Hounds
  • Terrible Offer
  • Twice as Bright

Untimely Deaths

  • Went Down with a Curse
  • And Then It Got Worse
  • Became a Light Snack
  • Took It with Them
  • Was Run Down by the Pack


  • Had the Dean for Dinner
  • Made a Match from Scratch
  • Slept in Sleepy Hollow
  • Partook of a Potion
  • Relaxed with a Raven
  • Twinkled at Twilight
  • Visited Van Helsing
  • Was Wed to a Werewolf
  • Crept Through a Crypt
  • Drank with Dracula
  • Forged a Fortune
  • Had to Hide from Hyde
  • Heard a Hidden Beast
  • Hit on a Hunchback
  • Insulted the Institute
  • Lingered in the Lagoon
  • Manufactured a Monster
  • Preyed on the Peasants
  • Reanimated a Relative
  • Snacked on Spiders
  • Terrified the Townspeople
  • Was Battered in the Belfry
  • Was Captivated by a Count
  • Was Confined in a Coffin
  • Was Fixed by Frankenstein
  • Was Scorned by Schoolmates
  • Was Fooled by a Phantom
  • Was Worried About Wolves
  • Went Mad in the Moonlight

Undead Modifiers

  • Invented Invisibility
  • Awoke as a Wereduck
  • Became a Bloodsucker
  • Got Rather Ghoulish
  • Was Masterfully Mummified
  • Was Preserved by a Painting
  • Wouldn't Give Up the Ghost

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