Undead Denizens:

Unquiet Dead's Undead Modifiers

The families of Gloom have many skeletons in their closets. In the Unquiet Dead expansion, the spooks come out to play! Rather than including another family of Characters, we instead introduce 7 special Undead Modifiers that let you turn your Characters into supernatural creatures -- an invisible person, wereduck, vampire, ghoul, mummy, haunted portrait, or ghost.

Each Undead Modifier gives you Pathos Points toward your Character's Self-Worth, story icons, and a unique persistent effect that lasts as long as the Character underneath it is still alive ... or Undead. The handy note just beneath the portrait is there to remind you of the effect even after other Modifiers cover the text.

These special Modifiers also share one new element: they make a Character "Undead." So what does that mean?

"Undead" is a persistent effect. An Undead Modifier can be played on either a living or dead Character; if it's played on a dead Character, remove the Untimely Death from the Character and discard it.

Undead Characters are both living and dead at the same time. They count as being dead for scoring and ending the game, but you can continue to play Modifiers and Events on them. You cannot play an Untimely Death on an Undead Character.

If an Undead Modifier is ever removed from a Character, the Character is alive again!

Invented Invisibility

There ARE easier ways to get out of an engagement.

Awoke as a Wereduck

You didn't croak ... you quacked.

Became a Bloodsucker

You suck. No, really.

Got Rather Ghoulish

You greedy ghoul digger!

Was Masterfully

Let's wrap this up!

Was Preserved
by a Painting

It seems life imitates art.

Wouldn't Give
Up the Ghost

That's the spirit!