Lost in R'lyeh FAQ

  • If you play Professor Angell's Investigation (copies the card beneath it, but allows any card to be played on top) on a Dark Cult's Voodoo Rite (Horror rating 5, says that the next card must be lower than a certain number), does that render the effect of the 5 card null?

    Mostly. If you play it on top of three or more Voodoo Rites, you can still choose to banish the stack and play again if you wish. But no matter what, any card can be played on Professor Angell's Investigation.

  • If Professor Angell's Investigation is played on Legrasse's Roundup (the event card that allows you to banish two cards), can you then also banish two cards?

    Yes; if you don't, you have to pick up the stack.

  • What if you play another Professor Angell's Investigation on aProfessor Angell's Investigation?

    It acts as a copy of the last card played before the first Professor Angell. See example of card play below (which is also in the rules).

  • If one of my Escape cards says "banish the stack and play again," can I play that and then pick up another Escape card?

    No. You can only pick up one Escape card per turn, only at the beginning of your turn, and only if your hand is empty (and your hand can only be empty if the stack has run out!) "Play again" allows you to lay another card down, but it is still the same turn and you may not use that to pick up an additional Escape card.

  • When you play a card that allows you to pick the next player (The Raising of R'lyeh), can you pick yourself?


  • Can I play two Legrasse's Roundup at the same time?

    No, Event cards must be played singly.

  • When can I do something with the face-down Escape card?

    When all your other Escape cards and all the cards in your hand are gone, and it's the beginning of your turn, you can pick up your Ultimate Escape card.

  • What if somebody moves their face-down Escape card to me and I already have one?

    You now have two Ultimate Escape cards. They may have successfully escaped R'lyeh, or they might have cards left in their hand, but they can't pass their Ultimate Escape card to you until all their other Escape cards are gone. You now can't touch either of your Ultimate Escape cards until all your face-up Escape cards are gone as well as the cards in your hand.

  • Example of Card Play

    Dagon plays a set of two R'lyeh Slips Beneath the Waves cards. It does not have a power for a set of two, so nothing further happens.

    Lavinia plays another two R'lyeh Slips Beneath the Waves. She activates power #4, because there are now four 10s in sequence on top the stack. She adds a card from her hand to Dagon's collection of Escape cards.

    Whately plays Professor Angell's Investigation. This acts as a fifth R'lyeh Slips Beneath the Waves, so he activates power #5, and moves one of his Escape cards to be with Asenath's.

    Asenath could play anything on top of Professor Angell's Investigation(because part of its effect says that anything can be played on it), but she is enjoying the stacking and plays another Professor Angell's Investigation. There are now six cards in this set of 10s (because each Professor Angell's Investigation counts as one), but there are only five powers on any card, so she also activates power #5.