Musick for Unknown Armies

Three six-track suites of music for Unknown Armies

Musick for Unknown Armies at a Glance

  • Three suites of music to tie in with the unique themes of Unknown Armies.
  • Each suite contains six MP3 tracks and each track is about two-and-a-half minutes.
  • Created by veteran composer James Semple.

About Musick for Unknown Armies

Add ambiance to your Unknown Armies sessions with these musical tracks. Designed specifically for the unique blend of urban fantasy and occult horror this RPG evokes, these tracks will help keep everyone at the table in the right mindset for play. This music was funded by the April 2016 Unknown Armies Kickstarter and created by veteran composer James Semple.

The three suites are sold separately. Each contains six tracks, each about two-and-a-half minutes in length. In total across all three suites, they comprise about 45 minutes of music for your games, planning sessions, and obsessive occult endeavors. 

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Track Listing

Uncanny Acuity

  • In the Right Hands, Anything's a Weapon
  • Transrational Hopes
  • The Tomb of Reason
  • Apocryosis
  • An Unforeseen Development
  • In the Right Hands, Nothing Is a Weapon

Unnatural Artistry

  • Mystery Road
  • What You Can't Let Go
  • Lament for the Incorrectly Processed – free sample download
  • Turn Out the Moonlight
  • This Silence is Flawed
  • Whiskey Sores

Upsetting Anomalies

  • Anne Ominous
  • Mood Elevator/Doom to Reveal
  • The Drowntown Bus
  • The Burgeoning/Begone Hurting
  • Residue
  • It Waits at the Shore

Vital Stats

Music Credits: All tracks written, arranged, performed, mixed, and produced by James Semple. Solo cello on “Lament for the Incorrectly Processed” performed by Deryn Cullen
Executive Producer: Jeff Tidball
Uncanny Acuity Stock Number: AG6011
Uncanny Acuity MSRP: $4.95
Unnatural Artistry Stock Number: AG6012
Unnatural Artistry MSRP: $4.95
Upsetting Anomalies Stock Number: AG6013
Upsetting Anomalies MSRP: $4.95
Format: Stereo MP3 (bit rate 320 kbps, sampling rate 44.1 kHz)