A Fiasco in Mythic Europe!

Published by: Atlas Staff


Fiasco is an award-winning roleplaying game from Bully Pulpit Games where players tell stories of greed, ambition, and other vices that steer the protagonists into darkly comic yet seriously disastrous situations. It's a great deal of fun and we're all big fans of it. At the heart of Fiasco is the playset, each of which contains the tables and set-up instructions players use to create a game's tragic circumstances.

We tasked Atlas Games alum Will Hindmarch with creating two Fiasco playsets set in Mythic Europe. One was to feature grogs, the other a covenant of ambitious magi. We were not disappointed! Both playsets are now available for free as part of our celebration of Ars Magica and our farewell to Line Editor David Chart. Bring all of your Ars Magica lore to the table and see what dire outcomes you and your friends can create.