Sneak Peek - Feng Shui: Burning Dragon

Published by: Justin Alexander

Feng Shui: Burning Dragon is an action-packed adventure written by Jonathan Killstring, coming this summer from Atlas Games!

Burning Dragon itself is a counterculture phenomenon. The sprawling event, held annually in the Gobi Desert, is a raw celebration of creative talent and Mongolian culture: a modern riff on traditional festivals like Gobi Naadam.

This year, however, Burning Dragon has been suborned by Damien Wu – festival organizer, Triad big shot, and secret sorcerer.

Sneak Peek   Sorcerer

The art for Burning Dragon was created by the incomparable Kevin Sidharta and Jeremy Hunter. The festival is broken into five districts — the Badlands, Dragon’s Head, Dust Town, the Seven Lakes Artist Commune, and the Dragonstreet Commons — captured in all of their vivacious chaos in Hunter’s art:

Sneak Peek   Dragonstreet Bazaar

A selection of Festival Flavor makes it easy for GM to capture the unique moments that only happen at Burning Dragon — like the festival-goer proposing to another (but they’re both on stilts, so getting down on one knee is an adventure).

The festival is also filled with memorable characters, like Madison Li, the undercover cop on the trail of the Triad’s human trafficking:

Sneak Peek   Madison Li

You have the right to remain silent… while I kick you in the face!

Or Second Banana – a man in ape suit who, upon closer inspection, seems to be an ape in a man suit in an ape suit.

Sneak Peek   Second Banana

Hello, fellow humans!

That’s right! The New Simian Army is here recruiting cyberneural interface specialists participating in Burning Dragon’s robot derbies!

The heroes’ adventures will likely take them into the dungeons beneath Serenity House; through a furious car chase across the Gobi Desert; backstage at the rehearsals of rock sensation Orchid Whisper; and onto the mainstage itself during the thunderous closing ceremonies! It’s not enough to just stop Damien Wu’s ritual! The PCs will need to subvert his preparations and claim it for themselves!

Feng Shui: Burning Dragon will be coming to a store near you in Summer 2021! But Feng Shui Dragon subscribers not only get a discount on the book itself, they also get early access PDFs months before the book’s official release! So if you just can’t wait, become a Dragon subscriber today!


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