Feng Shui Dragons: Why Subscribe?

Published by: Michelle Nephew

We've been asked why we're running supplement support for Feng Shui 2 as a subscription. The answer is simple! Being able to depend on our Feng Shui Dragons lets an independent publisher like Atlas Games make long-term plans. 

After all, it takes a long time to develop, playtest, and print an RPG supplement. There’s also a lot of risk. Even if we can justify greenlighting a new book in the first place, the simple reality is that we then have to wait at least 10-14 months to see if the book was a success before we can feel certain greenlighting the next one.

But as a Dragon, your subscription gives us surety. You’re declaring that an audience for Feng Shui books exists, so we don’t have to wait to see if one book is a success before we start developing the next one. By subscribing, you really do help us create more action-packed, top-quality content for Feng Shui 2.

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