Dice Miner Build on Sovranti!

Published by: Michelle Nephew

Sovranti has started their build of Dice Miner! If you're unfamiliar with Sovranti, it's a board game library app you can play anywhere from your phone, tablet or PC/Mac. Last year, Sovranti brought Never Bring a Knife online and it's so much fun. No seriously, go try it; it's free on game nights.

The next evolution of digital board games requires more than just taking the art assets and dropping them into a 3D environment. If you’re hoping to capture the "real" experience, you’ll need to overcome the inherent shortcomings of online environments and offer some solutions to classic board game problems. There are five critical aspects to digital board game builds:

Table Layout - Making sure the board, pieces and/or cards all fill the digital space appropriately is a start, but more importantly “the space” should be comfortable and natural. Additionally, Sovranti gives players more than just a "window" to see through, Sovranti gives them a seat at the table.

Functionality - Digital board games can reduce the burden of teaching and monitoring the rules. When folks don’t have to agonize over the rules, it leaves them free to enjoy each other. To do this, we need to build the rules into the experience.

Player Prompts - How many times in any given gaming session do you ask “Whose turn is it?” or “What am I doing?” Building that into the platform means no one has to keep the table moving. Helping players identify their options makes all titles more approachable and fun.

Unique Mechanics - What makes a game special in your collection? Part of getting a board game translation right is identifying the “secret sauce” of any given title. How do you preserve the game's promise, drama or suspense? It’s critical that you make the unique mechanics seamless and approachable if you’re gonna preserve what makes that title so exciting.

Human Interaction - As much as possible, get the technology out of the way so people can enjoy both the game and other people. Keeping things social is critically important. These are the features built into the app that are universal to every game.

We're excited to share progress as Dice Miner makes it into the Sovranti Library. Check back in for updates.

- Seppy Yoon for Sovranti


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