Planegea is on Shard VTT!

Published by: Audrey DeLuca

Planegea now features virtual tabletop play on Shard Tabletop! To join in on the primal fantasy roleplaying fun, head over to Shard's Planegea info page.

Shard Tabletop has these excellent features:

  • All invited players get access to the player content owned by the GM, so players don't need to have their own Planegea book to create their Planegea character.
  • The Planegea World Map is fully linked, so clicking on any pin will bring you directly to the relevant section of the book.
  • All player content, Kinships, Classes, and Backgrounds are fully modeled for use with the Shard Character Sheet. This means that anyone can create a ready-to-play character in minutes!
  • The In The Lair of the Night Thing expansion is fully set up with additional encounters, monsters, and treasures to add on to your prehistoric fantasy fun.

Details about the Planegea Virtual Tabletop can be found at and on Shard's Discord at More information about Planegea is on our website at

    We can't wait to hear about your new adventures!