Weird Little FREE THINGS!

Published by: Audrey DeLuca

Did you miss all the FREE Weird Little Elf stuff during our Kickstarter? You can download it NOW from the Weird Little Elf product page! 

Just head on over to and look for the "Resources" section.

There you'll find FREE Weird Little Elf extras like: 

  • Blank cards to create your own impish quirks or Santa inquisitions, 
  • Extra cards to expand your current deck
  • A coloring page featuring Avery the Elf 
  • Weird Little Elf Themed Holiday Gift Tags

All you'll need is access to a printer. Then you can download the files, print, and get playing! 

Weird Little Elf for $5: 

For the ENTIRE month of December, if you spend $50 you can get Weird Little Elf for only $5! Plus, The White Box is 15% off too. The discounts are automatic in your cart.

Get all of your holiday shopping done NOW at!


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