Atlas Games' Fan Community Donation Tops $9,000!

Published by: Michelle Nephew

We're blown away by our fans' generosity! Our recent Ars Magica Bundle of Holding earned OVER $9,000 for our charity, Montessori School of Duluth. WOWZA! Really, folks, this is amazing. We'd told them it would likely be around $1500, when we first talked about funding a scholarship with the donation. The smiles on all our faces when we handed over the check say it all!

This is the school that was founded by the parents of Atlas Games co-owner John Nephew, over 40 years ago. John says, "Probably the biggest single influence on me and my fascination with the Middle Ages was my year of childhood in Ireland when my mother was getting her Montessori Elementary training at Sion Hill College in Dublin. When our family returned from that year abroad, my parents launched the school, and I (right after a year spent traipsing through ruined Norman ruins and Cistercian abbeys) discovered Dungeons & Dragons." John's son is the last in a long string of Nephew grandchildren to attend the school.

Thank you for your generosity!


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