Unknown Armies Digital Super Summer Sale

Published by: Audrey DeLuca

Get Unknown Armies Digital Bundles for a CRAZY good deal RIGHT NOW through the end of June!

Click Here to Purchase Crazy Pack #1  and Click Here to Purchase Crazy Pack #2 - both sale links will bring you to a preloaded shopping cart with the discount already applied, so all you have to do is click purchase! 

Do you want to go on a summer vacation to another world for only $20? Why not step into the eerie and obscure world of Unknown Armies? It's an occult horror RPG about broken people trying to fix an equally broken world. Within these texts you'll explore the world of the occult underground through tense, mature roleplaying. Kiddies beware, these books are highly recommended for players 18+. 

Crazy Pack #1 Digital Bundle

$104.65 $20

  • Unknown Armies Core Rules Book 1st Edition
  • Hush Hush: The Sleeper's Sourcebook
  • Lawyers Guns and Money
  • One Shots
  • Postmodern Magick: The Unnatural Sourcebook
  • Stratosphere: The Invisible Clergy Sourcebook
  • Weep: Six Scenarios of Woe and Ruin

Crazy Pack #2 Digital Bundle

$57.80 $15

  • Unknown Armies Second Edition
  • Break Today
  • To Go
  • The Ascension of the Magdalene
  • Thin Black Line 

The Crazy Pack Sale will run from June 20th and end on June 30th at 11:59pm. Learn more about Unknown Armies Here!


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