Medieval Miscellany Clearance Sale

Published by: John Nephew

We've been cleaning our warehouse, counting inventory, and clearing space for incoming titles (such as the soon-to-arrive reprint of Dice Miner). These are five very old titles we need to clear out -- two from the 3rd Edition/White Wolf era, plus the last three issues of the Mythic Perspectives fanzine that was published in the days of 4th Edition. Before sending them to the recycling center, we wanted to offer fans a chance to pick them all up in a bundle at a bargain price. You can own all five for $12.20 plus shipping, which is more than 75% off the original MSRP!

This clearance sale runs for one week or while supplies last. We will assemble and ship the bundles after the sale ends, all at once, and expect that most or all of what remains will be recycled.

Click here to order this clearance bundle today!


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