Follow the Call of Cthulhu to get Lost in R’lyeh!

Published by: Atlas Staff
You don’t have to be an expert on Lovecraftian horror to enjoy our new card game Lost in R’lyeh, but fans of Cthulhu Mythos will be delighted to recognize the details taken from Lovecraft’s classic tale.

Fans of H. P. Lovecraft’s work will recognize R’lyeh from the classic short story “The Call of Cthulhu,” from which the famous roleplaying game by Chaosium Games (and a song by Metallica!) draws its name. The story is told in three parts from the notes of Professor George Gammell Angell by his grandnephew.

Three different groups of people — a design student, a New Orleans police officer, and the crew of a ship off the coast of New Zealand — encounter the tentacled Great Old One Cthulhu. For some, this comes in dreams; others witness the horror of Cthulhu’s resting place in the city of R’lyeh in person. No one survives unscarred; many don’t survive at all.

You can read the entire story for free online. But beware — the maze of horrors that awaits may ensnare you before you get a chance to escape the island of R’lyeh by playing Lost in R’lyeh!


Lost in R'lyeh