Local Conventions: February 21-23 and February 23-March 2

Published by: Atlas Staff
Atlas Games supports dozens of local conventions in the US, UK, Canada, and beyond every year. We're going to start highlighting those events with periodic blog posts to give local cons a signal boost. At the same time, it'll help Atlas fans find new places to go and play the games they love with new folks! Here's what's happening in the next two weekends, with links to the event pages:

Fire & Ice Game Convention--Manitowoc, WI--21-23 February 2014

Gamicon--Iowa City, IA--21-23 February 2014

Plattecon--Platteville, WI--29 February-02 March 2014

Do you have a favorite local convention that you'd like Atlas Games to support? Send event organizers to our Convention Support Application--we trade games for ad space and help organize members of our Special Ops demo team to run Atlas' games at events all over the world!