National Championships for Gloom and Lunch Money

Published by: Atlas Staff
Atlas Games is pleased to announce our participation in the Double Exposure National Championship Circuit for both Lunch Money and Gloom. Double Exposure is the East Coast's largest gaming organization, and hosts DEXCON in East Brunswick, New Jersey. After smaller Lunch Money and Gloom tournaments July 13-17 at DEXCON 8, next year's DEXCON 9 will be see the first U.S. National Gloom Championship and the U.S. National Lunch Money Championship, with Regional Championships taking place in a growing circuit of what will be 30 local conventions, including PortConMaine, TotalCon, ConnCon, DREAMATION, Southern Exposure, Game Days, PrezCon, BASHCon, Midsouthcon, VISIONCON, DieCon, Foundation Gaming Convention, Gorilla Con, and Cascadia Con. The regional breakdown and member conventions can be viewed at, and general info on Double Exposure is available at