New on RPGNow: Pax Dei

Published by: Atlas Staff
We have a bit of a conundrum with our older out of print titles, in particular the ones that we inherited from previous publishers of the Ars Magica game line: we never possessed the digital files. So while I'd love to be making these books -- especially the ones that sold well while we had them -- available as PDFs, it's not as simple as grabbing a disk from the archives and going to work.

I recently acquired a scanner with an automatic document feeder, though, and I'm trying the approach of just scanning the old books and making PDFs from the resulting files. It's still a lot more time-intensive, and the files are considerably larger than usual, but I'm interested to see if the results are of interest to enough people to make it worth doing more.

The first book I've done is Pax Dei, which has been out of print for several years and was a solid seller when it was available. You can click on the link in the header above to get to the listing on RPGNow (though as I type this on Saturday afternoon, the file has not yet been OK'd and activated by RPGNow staff). If this goes over well enough, I'll budget some time in the future to doing the same with some books like The Maleficium, perhaps even some Lion Rampant-era titles like Covenants or even the Bats of Mercille!