Northern Crown Covers & Promo

Published by: Atlas Staff
You'll notice that the final covers for Northern Crown: New World Adventures and Northern Crown: Gazetteer are now up on our front page in the left column. We think Aaron Campbell did a great job on these, and can't wait to see them in print!

Also, I just finished putting together the promo for Northern Crown that will appear in the July issue of Game Trade Magazine. "Villains of Vandalia" gives details on the renegade state of Vandalia. Vandalia is the domain of a cadre of rebel captains and ministers originally from the Republic of Sophia, led by Lord Asaph Burr -- Jeferson's former secretary of the exchequer. Spurning the freethinking philosophy of Jeferson and Franklyn, Burr has established an autocracy with the aim of claiming an inland empire at the expense of his First Ones neighbors.

In addition to outlining the insidious goals of this rogue state, the promo gives stats for three new types of Vandalian agents -- the sabeteur, interrogator, and master spy -- all of whom use psionic knacks to further their aims. It also gives stats for five new inventions -- the automaton immolator, hades powder, the mnemosynetic shadow box, the morphitic bullet, and quiet powder. You won't find this info in the Northern Crown campaign books, so be sure to check it out in July!