Opening the Statosphere!

Published by: Atlas Staff
In Unknown Armies, the Statosphere is the realm of pure ideas, a place that those who truly embody a principle or archetype can ascend to, to join the Invisible Clergy that shall ultimately become as one in the form of the demiurge. Or at least that's the running theory.

For the rest of us, though, the Statosphere is the name for Atlas Games' new partnership with OneBookShelf to create a place that fans of Unknown Armies can share their own creative ideas for the game. If you've always wanted to publish that adventure idea, or that creepy game master character, or that new adept school of magick, the Statosphere is here for you to do so and earn a little income in the process.

We've already seeded the Statosphere with two products from UA3 writers Tim Dedopulos and WJ MacGuffin, as well as a handy template package (Word and InDesign) to get you started. Follow the link above for all of the details and a list of content guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you ascend!


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