Some of Gloom is En Route

Published by: Atlas Staff
Our printer in New Delhi tells me this morning: "We have had quiet some problems at this end with shipping due to Mumbai floods. However, we had this container going towards NY city which will reach NY in exactly 30 days from today and thus we stuffed your shipment into this container. But as we were short of space, thus we ended up stuffing 5040 decks of Gloom twin deck and another 3600 decks of Gloom booster. Due to space constraints, we will ship the balance next week. I had to decide at the nick of moment yesterday and thus got this stuffed without consulting you. I hope part shipment is not a problem."

So part of the Gloom shipment is on the way, most likely to arrive in late September. The partial shipment should be enough to satisfy pre-orders, unless the numbers for Unhappy Homes come in higher than I expect.

Mind you, it's possible that this shipment or the next could encounter unexpected delays (such as a delay in customs). I suppose having two shipments will increase the odds that one of them will actually be in our warehouse before the end of September, though...