Unleash The Hounds!

Published by: Atlas Staff

You’re the Fox. It’s dawn and you’ve just woken from a sleep. You stretch indolently, already thinking about breakfast. Maybe some nice quail eggs. Then you smell it, the distinct odor of man on the breeze, followed by the sound of several dogs tramping and barking through the underbrush. The hunter is in your woods, and his dogs are on your trail! So much for breakfast…

You’re the Master of the Hounds. The dogs are excited; they’ve got the fox’s scent. That was quick, really – the day is still the deep blue of early dawn. This part of the forest is unexplored, but that’s okay, you’ve done this a thousand times before. The dogs will give chase, closing off his escape routes, hemming their quarry in until there’s nowhere left to run. Then you will have won. This should be easy…

Deceptively simple and exceptionally deep, Hounded is a game of bluffing, trickery, escape, and entrapment for two players. Game play is asymmetrical. One player is the Fox – clever, quick, and at home in the woods. The other is the Master of Hounds – an experienced hunter commanding a pack of dogs with varied talents of their own. Your field of play is an unexplored stretch of woods made up of 49 tiles; as you make your way through it, the terrain will help and hinder you. 

Hounded is perfect at home, a restaurant, the airport, a hotel room, or just about anywhere. Its small social footprint means big fun any time you and a friend feel the need to pit your cunning against each other. And endless replayability means every game is a new challenge.

Check out the Hounded product page for more info, including downloadable PDFs of the rules and reference sheets. And get your copy of Hounded today!


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