Update: Sourcebooks in Progress

Published by: Atlas Staff
Since I have received a couple of e-mails asking about this topic, I thought I'd provide a general update on the status of the upcoming Ars Magica rulebooks.

Obviously, we're very late. Our whole schedule was tossed to the winds by a variety of things late last year, and the result was that we weren't able to keep to the dates we'd planned. We have been finding our bearings again, however. In particular, I've found that to do the work that I need to take care of on these books (such as layout and doling out the art assignments), I just have to spend some days and weekends working from home, where I won't be distracted by phone calls, wholesale orders, and all the other little things that tend to fill up every day in the office. All of them are very important, mind you, but make it hard to maintain concentration.

At this point, I've done the layout for both Guardians of the Forests and True Lineages. All of the True Lineages artwork is assigned (and due at the end of next week); all the GOTF art is assigned, and this morning I will finish with the map assignments. While we wait for the art to come in, I have to finish some final graphics work (e.g., replacing logos in the page backgrounds for True Lineages), and Michelle and I are proofreading the books. If things go smoothly, both books may go to press on or soon after Feb. 28th. Printing and binding for hardcovers typically takes about 6 weeks, which would put us in the middle of April -- on time for True Lineages, but three months late for Guardians of the Forests.

The original plan was for Guardians to be ganged at the press with Glimpse of the Abyss. However, at this point we don't know when Glimpse will be ready. When it's here, it's here. I can say that all the artwork is in hand. But obviously, even in the best-case scenario, the book could not be printed and available for sale until late April.

So that's the update. And now, I have to get back to work!