Fast & Fhtagn

A game of Cthulhoid street racing

Players: 3–6 Ages: 13+ Time: 45–90 minutes

Fast & Fhtagn at a Glance

  • A component-rich card game for three to six players.
  • Puts a new twist on street racing with Lovecraftian themes.
  • Build the road as you speed through the streets.


Squamous Street Racing: The World of Fast & Fhtagn

Street racing meets Cthulhu in this Lovecraftian racing game.

Jockey for position on crowded city streets. Maneuver around medians, civilians, and portals to alternate dimensions.

Lovecraftian themes add danger (and tentacles!) to your races. Step into your Mi-go-bishi, upgraded with a brand-spanking-new Manifold Manifold. Repair damage to your vehicle with the help of Fin Diesel, Deep One.

Use a well-placed blast of Hypnos Oxide to cross the finish line first and win the game!

High Speed Cthulhoid Doom: Gameplay Basics

Build the track with street cards, carefully placed to slow down your competitors and give yourself the best chance of success. Watch out for civilians!

Take four actions on your turn: move, play an Action card, repair damage in traffic, pull over (for easier repairs, Mods, or Driver changes), add Crew to a Gang, or discard and draw.

Test your skills against other racers to pass them. Earn style points for flashy moves. Avoid getting eaten by the Old Ones!

The first player to cross the randomly drawn finish line wins the race. Creatures and cultists, start your engines!

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Vital Stats

Designer: Jeff Tidball
Art: Anthony Hary with Nicolas Gluesenkamp and Scott Reeves
MSRP: $29.95
Atlas Stock #: AG1261
Barcode: 978-1-58978-159-7
Format: Telescoping box with 110 poker-sized cards, 26 street mats, 29 tokens, 3 reference sheets, 2 six-sided dice, rules, and quick start sheet
Number of Players: 3–6
Ages: 13+
Play Time: 45–90 minutes
Release Date: March 2016