Over the Edge Deluxe 3rd Edition

Over the Edge Deluxe 3rd Edition at a Glance

The Core Luxe version of Over the Edge pulls out all the stops with a top-shelf version of the rulebook, complete with metallic cover, linen spine wrap, debossed logo, bookmark ribbons, and high-quality paper. This version also comes with the full-color fold-out poster map of Al Amarja and the Edge and a signed bookplate by Jonathan Tweet.

Vital Stats

Writing and Design: Jonathan Tweet with Chris Lites
Artists: Jon Bass, Axel Ortiz, Brian Axtell, Lil Chan, Kelton Cram, Dennis Darmody, Richard Peter David, Melissa Gay, Gareth Keenan, Daniel Martin, Emmanuel Martinez, Diego Rodriguez, Alan Washburn, Randolph Williams, Aaron Wood
Producer: Cam Banks
MSRP: $99.95
Atlas Stock #: AG2003L
Format: Full-color, 276-page hardcover
Release Date: June 1, 2019