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Pierced Heart

Pierced Heart at a Glance

  • Get lost in this fantasy novel by award-winning game designer Robin D. Laws.
  • A compelling storyline set in the world of the Over the Edge RPG and On the Edge CCG.
  • Read for enjoyment, or use the material within to fuel your next campaign.

A Curious Death: More about Pierced Heart

An American singer dies under strange circumstances on Al Amarja, the Mediterranean island where surreal menace lurks beneath a thin veneer of normalcy. The death throws a curious group of people together in a tightly-woven web of hallucination, mystery, and violence.

They include: an honorable gangster dedicated to keeping his promises, a New Age conman capable of charming anyone except himself, a funeral director who isn't quite the same species as the rest of us, and a certain pivotal figure in human history

Pierced Heart is a novel set in the world of the Over the Edge RPG and On the Edge CCG. It is written by award-winning game designer Robin D. Laws, of Feng Shui, The Dying Earth, and Heroquest fame.

The book is available in PDF. Although it is out of print, a limited number of print copies are still available.

Pierced Heart: Excerpt

"A boom box, a flotation device, a purse; these were the things she carried with her into the pool area of the Bienvenidos Hotel that night. The already-inflated flotation device was shaped like an innertube and colored to look like a hollowed-out lime slice. The small purse was made of transparent plastic. It was empty except for a vial, also made of transparent plastic.

A large sign warned her, in eight languages, that use of the pool outside regular hours was at her own risk. She checked the times posted on the sign to make sure that no lifeguard would be on duty. She stepped quickly through the shower area. She had already taken a shower up in her room, washing herself very thoroughly.

Once into the pool room itself, she checked to confirm that she was alone. As she expected, the place was empty. It was eleven P.M. People vacationing in the Edge had better things to do at eleven at night than splash around in a pool. Or worse things, depending on your outlook."

Vital Stats

Author: Robin D. Laws
MSRP: $14.95 (print, limited availability), $7.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG2700
Barcode: 1-887801-54-5
Format: 207 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”, perfect bound
Release Date: 1996