Blowing Up the Movies

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Blowing Up the Movies at a Glance

  • Use 24 action movies to help build your Feng Shui adventures…or with any other action/adventure RPG.
  • Sample movies range from popular classics to obscure new titles to discover and enjoy.
  • Written by game designer extraordinaire and cinema aficionado Robin D. Laws.

Cinematic Exploration: About Blowing Up the Movies

Feng Shui is an action movie RPG, so it only makes sense to take game inspiration from specific movies. Designer Robin D. Laws explains how to do exactly that in this volume dedicated to exploring how to use techniques from films to build stories in Feng Shui or any other action RPG.

Explore 24 movies — some popular, some obscure cult classics — and learn how to utilize their stories to improve your game sessions. Discover how Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon uses fight scenes to express inner conflict or how Star Wars is a model of storytelling economy.

Movie magic awaits you in Blowing Up the Movies!

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  • Chapter 1: Blowing Up the Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Big Trouble in Little China
  • Chapter 3: Chinese Ghost Story 1 & 2
  • Chapter 4: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Chapter 5: Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
  • Chapter 6: Die Hard
  • Chapter 7: Equilibrium
  • Chapter 8: Hard Boiled
  • Chapter 9: Hero
  • Chapter 10: Hot Fuzz
  • Chapter 11: Kamen Rider: The First/Kamen Rider: Next
  • Chapter 12: The Killer
  • Chapter 13: Kung Fu Hustle
  • Chapter 14: The Matrix
  • Chapter 15: The Mission
  • Chapter 16: Mr. Vampire
  • Chapter 17: Once Upon a Time in China
  • Chapter 18: The Raid: Redemption
  • Chapter 19: Road Warrior
  • Chapter 20: Rumble in the Bronx
  • Chapter 21: Saviour of the Soul
  • Chapter 22: Seven Samurai
  • Chapter 23: SPL
  • Chapter 24: Star Wars
  • Chapter 25: Young & Dangerous 2
  • Appendix A: Select Filmography
  • Appendix B: Author Biography


  • 2016 Origins Award nominee for Game Accessory.

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    Author: Robin D. Laws
    Editor: John Nephew
    Graphic Design and Art Direction: Hal Mangold
    MSRP: $15.00 (print), $7.95 (digital)
    Atlas Stock #: AG2707
    Barcode: 978-1-58978-157-0
    Format: Trade paperback and PDF
    Release Date: May 2015 (digital), September 2015 (print)