Unwell Wishes

Beer Money greeting cards

Unwell Wishes at a Glance

  • When you can't find a traditional greeting card about punching someone in the face.
  • Perfect for gaming fans, bar brawlers, and sarcastic people.
  • Blank insides provide plenty of space to personalize your cards. Maybe with an apology.

Horror of Horrors: More about Unwell Wishes

Greeting card stores are full of options for birthdays and weddings, but what about other important life moments? Like breaking up with a cheating partner, or telling your appalling child that they're out of the will?

Unwell Wishes is a line of greeting cards perfect for such situations, or just for people with a morbid sense of humor. Each card features one of the images and text from the Beer Money card game.


  • Coldcock: "'Deserve' has nothing to do with it." 
  • Freedom: "I just need some time. And space. And everything you own."
  • Grab: "I know where you live. I saw what you did." 
  • Horror of Horrors: "You're so STUPID. No wonder mother hated you most." 
  • Kick2: "It's not me. It's You." 
  • Kick4: "Worship me. Lick my boots. Bring me CAKE." 
  • Little Helper: "Roses are BLACK, Violets are BLUE, The sugar is GONE, Now so are YOU." 
  • Self Help: "Pain creates suffering. Suffering creates desire. Desire is the key that opens any door."

Vital Stats

Photography: Andrew Yates
UPC: 7-00040-02902-# (Note: Each card in the set has its own UPC code, for retailers who wish to sell them individually.)
MSRP: $9.99
Atlas Stock #: AG2902
Barcode: 978-1-58978-069-9
Format: 8 different greeting cards and 8 white envelopes in a clear plastic box (with hanging tab for display)
Release Date: 2004