In the Belly of the Beast

In the Belly of the Beast at a Glance

  • A complete OGL adventure for your favorite d20 game. Combine with your rule system of choice and start playing!
  • Offers an easily modified political adventure that will fit into the world of your choosing.
  • Designed for level 2-4 characters. Combine with other Penumbra adventures for a no-work campaign!

A Shadowy Conspiracy: More about In the Belly of the Beast

Last minute gaming? Don't want to prep? No problem. In the Belly of the Beast is a complete d20 adventure for level 2-4 characters. Integrate this OGL Penumbra supplement into your existing campaign or use it to launch a new storyline.

Once-powerful House Mezzia has fallen on hard times. An ambitious young scion of the merchant house needs heroes willing to stand against an encroaching peril deep in the dark heart of the underworld. The Mezzias will reward you well, but can you survive the belly of the beast?

This sourcebook is available in PDF, although a limited number of print copies are available.

Belly slavers

In the Belly of the Beast: Contents

  • A d20 adventure where roleplaying makes the difference between success and failure.
  • A flexible plot designed to be easily modified to fit into the world of your choice.
  • An open-ended yet fully developed storyline.
  • Adventure maps, customizable in Profantasy Software's Campaign Cartographer 2.

Belly vog

Vital Stats

Author: Mike Mearls
Editor: Michelle Nephew
Cover Artist: Helena Wickberg
Interior Artists: Chris Seaman, Scott Reeves, and David Interdonato
MSRP: $8.95 (print), $4.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG3202
Barcode: 1-887801-96-0
Format: 32 pages, softcover and PDF
Release Date: January 2001