Sacred Ground

The blessings of a god come not without a price…

Sacred Ground at a Glance

  • Four unique holy sites with full descriptions and plot suggestions.
  • Multiple adventure seeds for every site, fueling dozens of sessions of play.
  • Build a campaign around these locations or drop one into your existing game.

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Places of Prayer: More about Sacred Ground

Bring religious conflict to your favorite fantasy RPG. Sacred Ground provides information on four plug-and-play holy places that can be used as PC home bases, adventure settings, or lairs for the characters' next adversary.

In Sacred Ground, you’ll find detailed profiles on each location, including maps, mundane and magical traps and puzzles, illustrations, and NPCs. Use the story suggestions to launch a new campaign, or drop them into your existing game.

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Sacred Ground: Contents

This sourcebook contains the following locations:

  • Gabriel’s Aerie: A floating island dedicated to the god of the winds, where the priests don artificial wings.
  • Retreat of the Warrior Saint: A temple and training school for common folk to learn to fight against tyranny under the watch of the minor deity called the Warrior Saint.
  • Summer’s Barrow: The burial mound of the Summer God, where his body waits until his spirit returns in the spring.
  • The Necropolis: A barren island run by the Order of the White Rose, servants of the god of death, who have the power to raise or resurrect the dead.

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Vital Stats

Authors: Chris Jones, Rick Neal, and James Maliszewski
Editor: Michelle Nephew
Cover Artist: Steven Sanders
Interior Artist: Chad Sergesketter
MSRP: $19.95 (print), $9.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG3221
Barcode: 1-58978-034-5
Format: 112 pages, softcover and PDF
Release Date: May 2003