Seven Civilizations

Far lands and strange peoples for your favorite fantasy roleplaying game

Seven Civilizations at a Glance

  • Adds new and interesting locations full of story ideas to your OGL games.
  • Includes seven distinct civilizations with awe-inspiring locations and unique story opportunities.
  • Use the locations to inspire adventures, or save a little prep time in your existing campaign.

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Fantasy Empires: More about Seven Civilizations

Far lands, strange peoples, and exotic wares may seem like standard fare to most players, but every good Game Master knows how much effort goes into creating a compelling game setting. Seven Civilizations makes your favorite d20 game a little bit easier, presenting full, detailed profiles on seven fantasy civilizations. Each is lavishly detailed with suggestions for geographic placement in your campaign world, history, locations, personalities, notes on playing characters in this society, and adventure seeds.

Wander the plains with the nomadic Wind Riders and their bird mounts or negotiate with the mirror-walking smugglers of Silvergate. Negotiate with the lycanthropic barbarians of the Wildling Tribes or negotiate the political machinations of the psionic city-states of the Mondian Empire.

Seven Civilizations is available in PDF, as the sourcebook is no longer in print.

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Seven Civilizations: Contents

  • The DRAGON KINGS once bred dangerous, dragon-blooded sorcerers, dominating all who opposed them. Now, they are a decadent remnant of that once-mighty race, dreaming of a new age of dominance.
  • The TAKALAS live in a realm of wonder and magic, where music grows on trees and crystal towers touch the sky. But this surreal paradise is well hidden, and intruders are rarely welcome.
  • The independent WIND RIDERS migrate across the open plains. There, they tend their herds and engage in battle upon giant fighting birds called kylorns.
  • SILVERGATE is a haven for smugglers, explorers, and fugitives. It sits between planes, and any mirror can serve as a gateway to enter it... if the traveler can afford the passage.
  • The WILDLING TRIBES are a loose confederation of barbarian tribes afflicted with lycanthropy. Their ranks swell with the infected of surrounding nations.
  • The MONDIAN EMPIRE is a collection of city-states. Their elite psionic operatives oversee internal security, while the Imperial legions keep the borders safe.
  • The lost kingdom of KEL TAERA may have been forgotten, but the indestructible orbs that preserve the spirits of its revered heroes remain. Now they are awakening, and they intend to reestablish their kingdom.

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      Vital Stats

      Authors: Rick Neal and Keith Baker
      Editor: Michelle Nephew
      Artist: Scott Reeves
      MSRP: $19.95 (print, no longer available), $9.95 (PDF)
      Atlas Stock #: AG3230
      Barcode: 1-58978-067-1
      Format: 96 pages, 8.5” x 11”, perfect bound, PDF
      Release Date: September 2004