Burning Shaolin Redux

Re-release of the classic Coriolis OGL adventure

Burning Shaolin Redux at a Glance

  • A re-release of a classic Coriolis adventure with Feng Shui 2 and d20 stats.
  • Fight Chi War battles in ancient China.
  • Face the powers of a demon sorcerer in a legendary mountain monastery.

About Burning Shaolin Redux

This adventure includes rules and stats for both Feng Shui 2 and d20 games like Pathfinder to allow your table to choose your system and bring on the demon-monk blasting fun.

In this scenario, a group of heroic adventurers travels through time to a legendary mountain monastery beset by demon sorcerers, mushroom men, and flying coffins. Can they set things to rights? Will explosions be involved?

Find out in Burning Shaolin Redux!

Burning shaolin

Vital Stats

Author: Robin D. Laws
MSRP: $4.95
Atlas Stock #: AG3404PDF
Format: PDF
Release Date: 2015