Dystopia at a Glance

* Running Champions requires creating compelling villains. Make that job easier with this detailed adventure.

* Story seeds and ideas allow the bad guys to slowly appear on the scene…and for their effects to be felt long after the big showdown.

* Dark Champions conversion notes allow you to flip the story and step into the role of the bad guys.

Nothing's Perfect: More about Dystopia

The life of a superhero: every time you take down a group of supervillains, another pops up in its place. This time, the villains are the Coalition, a group of mercenaries who will do just about anything for the right price.

Integrate the Coalition into your existing campaign with a series of short encounters between fights with your current villains. Then take them down with the fully detailed adventure Dystopia. Adventure seeds for continued Coalition operations allow you to bring these baddies back at a moment's notice.

Or turn the tables with the conversion notes for Dark Champions.

This supplement requires Champions or Dark Champions to play. It is out of print.

Dystopia: Contents

  • The Coalition (The Coalition in Dark Champions)
  • Adventure Seeds
  • Short Scenarios (Idle Hands, Jailbreak, Feint, The Fugitive, Clean Slate)
  • Dystopia (Hypermetrazine, Utopia Project Brochure, Utopia Staff, C-Assist Frame, Utopia Project Maps)
  • Characters (Terrence Bridge, Dart, Ultraviolet, Diamond, Piledriver, Hammerhand, Fire & Ice)

Vital Stats

Author: Chris Avellone
Editor: Spike Y. Jones
Artist: Doug Shuler
MSRP: $9.00 (out of print)
Atlas Stock #: AG3500
ISBN: 1-887801-31-6
Format: 48 pages, 8.5” x 11”, saddle stitched
Release Date: 1994

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