Secrets of the Chi War

A Feng Shui 2 supplement

Secrets of the Chi War at a Glance

  • Provides more information about the four key junctures where your warriors can turn the tide in this tireless conflict.
  • Offers potent lore on temporary Netherworld junctures. Use the provided examples or make your own!
  • Includes a full scale adventure for easy last-minute gaming: The Lotus and the Poppy.

War Beyond Time: More about Secrets of the Chi War

At the core of the Feng Shui 2 RPG is the Chi War, an ages-long conflict in which chi warriors travel through time to key turning points in history, struggling to dominate the timeline of the past, present, and future.

Learn the secrets of the Chi War and use them to fuel your campaign. Explore key battle zones for each juncture as well as temporary junctures to time periods like the swinging '60s or the pastel-tinted '80s. Blow up Chang'an, Canton, Seoul, Tokyo, Ape City, the Gene Zone, or the Pagodas and turn the tide of battle. Ready your swords and laser blasters — it's time to go to war!

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Secrets of the Chi War: Contents

  • Chapter 1: Reveal Now the Secrets of the Chi War!
  • Chapter 2: Ancient Times
  • Chapter 3: A Troubled Past
  • Chapter 4: Modern Problems
  • Chapter 5: Visions of the Future
  • Chapter 6: The Netherworld
  • Chapter 7: Pop-up Junctures
  • Chapter 8: The Lotus and the Poppy

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Authors: Cam Banks, Morgan Ellis, Marissa Kelly, Kevin Kulp, Ryan Macklin, Jack Norris, Paul Stefko, Brennan Taylor, Ruth Tillman, and Filamena Young
Artists: Jason Benkhe, Leana Crossan, Andrew Gaia, Felipe Gaona, Ania Kryczkowska, Matthew Lewis, Britt Martin, Mirco Paganessi, Andre Rogers, Christian St. Pierre, and Sedone Thongvilay
MSRP: $7.95
Atlas Stock #: AG4022PDF
Format: PDF
Release Date: 2015