The Arasaka Brainworm

The Arasaka Brainworm at a Glance

  • Play Cyberpunk 2020 at a moment's notice with this ready-to-go one-shot.
  • Contains everything you need to run a compelling game set of industrial cyberpunk espionage.
  • Perfect for curious fans interested in trying the system for the first time, or experienced gamers looking for an easy play.

Industrial Espionage for Sale: More about The Arasaka Brainworm

In this Cyberpunk 2020 scenario, a fixer named Diamond Blue has hired your team to solve a problem, but the job quickly goes sideways. There's something wrong with the brain of your contact at the Biotechnica research facility. And it all traces back to the toughest security corp in the world…

Make your game nights simple and your character’s lives hard with this danger-filled scenario.

This supplement requires Cyberpunk 2020 to play. It is out of print and available in PDF only.

The Arasaka Brainworm: Contents

  • The Opening (The Inside Story, Running, The Arasaka Brainworm, Important Note, General Pointers, Setting the Mood, Word on the Street)
  • Part One: Getting In (Stowing Away, By Sea or Air)
  • Part Two: Welcome to Johnston (A Day in the Life of Johann Brinkmaan, Meeting Brinkmaan, Brinkmaan's Plight, Curing Brinkmaan, Brinkmaan's Resources, Brinkmaan's Connection)
  • Part Three: Layout and Security (Surveillance Systems, Patrols, Alerts, The Airwaves, Captured, Bubbles, Transportation, Map Key, The Biotechnica Subgrid)
  • Afterglow
  • Appendix: Gastrophage

Vital Stats

Author: Thomas M. Kane
MSRP: $7.95 (print, not available), $4.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG5000
ISBN: 1-887801-33-2
Format: 32 pages, 8.5” x 11”, saddle-stitched
Release Date: 1991

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