Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever at a Glance

  • Put a novel and exciting twist on your Cyberpunk games with this locked-room scenario.
  • With an emphasis on puzzle solving and diplomacy, this adventure brings something different to Cyberpunk gaming.
  • The complete plot and referee resources make running games easy, even at the last minute.

Don’t Breathe the Air: More about Cabin Fever

A toxic cloud blankets Night City's Marina district. Your edgerunners are stuck in a tiny dive bar as people die in the streets, and some of you have itchy trigger fingers. How long can you keep your cool?

Cabin Fever is a locked-room scenario for Cyberpunk. In this adventure, combat creates more problems than it solves, and the only useful tools are a sharp mind and a sense of diplomacy. Will the cyberpunks succumb to Cabin Fever?

This supplement requires Cyberpunk to play. It is out of print.

Cabin Fever: Contents

  • Before You Start
  • Introduction (Ariel, the Boat Driver, Prop Suggestion #1)
  • One Foggy Night (Ariel’s Boat, Swimming Matrix)
  • Almost Paradise (Meet the Locals, HF Cloud Leakage)
  • The Waiting Game (Prerecorded Message, Call Attempts, Icebreakers and Other Fillers)
  • Initial Warning (Prop Suggestion #2)
  • Thank God for the News
  • "Back to You, Bob"
  • Last Call for Alcohol (Mr. Jones and His Solos, Petrochem Solos)
  • The Final Hurrah (References/Other Sources)

Vital Stats

Author: Eric Heisserer
MSRP: $8.95 (out of print)
Atlas Stock #: AG5065
Barcode: 1-887801-43-X
Format: 48 pages, 8.5” x 11”, saddle stitched
Release Date: 1994