Spammers Box


The Game of Internet Junk Mail

Spammers at a Glance

  • Send spam to unsuspecting recipients and make kajillions in this satiric card game.
  • Amusing flavor text and spam ideas feel all too recognizable to anyone who has looked in their spam folder lately.
  • A simple matching mechanic makes the game easy to learn while special abilities keep gameplay interesting.

Earn a Gazillion Dollars Right Now: The World of Spammers

Spammers is the best game in the entire world! Jump on the email bandwagon! Spammers will make you filthy rich! Spammers will make you invincible! Spammers will keep neighborhood kids from egging your house!

In this zany-but-perfectly-legal card game, send oodles of spam to unsuspecting email lists. Pull off the most lucrative scams to win the game.

Email Order Brides: Gameplay Basics

In Spammers, players try to match their scams to their lists. There are four types of scams: sex, internet, money, and free stuff. Score more points by sending the correct scam to the right list.

As each list is used, the size (and the points scored) decrease. Pick the right lists to maximize your points and thwart your opponents' dreams of spam supremacy.

Use mail-out cards to invoke special effects and hose other players.

Spammers! Because everyone needs to make a living. Even African princes who just need your bank account information.

Vital Stats

Designer: Jeff Tidball
Artist: David Gatzmer
MSRP: $24.95
Atlas Stock #: AG1200
Barcode: 1-887801-62-6
Format: Boxed game including 110 cards, 120 counters, a single die, and complete rules for play
Release Date: 1998