Sunset for Special Ops

For more than a decade, the Atlas Games Special Ops demo team was an elite group comprising some of the most enthusiastic tabletop game fans ever. They ran demonstrations and spread the word about our games at conventions, special events, and in stores.

But times change — the marketing world, the publishing landscape, the shape of the Internet, and so much more.

In 2017, we decided it was time to try new ways of both reaching out to new fans, as well as helping our most enthusiastic supporters show their love for Ars Magica, Gloom, Unknown Armies, Once Upon a Time, Feng Shui, and others. The Special Ops program as once constituted is no more.

If you’re interested in sharing your love for one of our games — please do!

If you’re excited to talk about them with other fans, there are communities everywhere these days, from BoardGameGeek to RPG.net to Facebook’s myriad game groups to our very own forums.

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We thank our Special Ops for everything they’ve done — and continue to do — to support the games we love.