End of the Line

End of the Line at a Glance

  • Rambunctious kick-your-neighbor fun
  • Analytical game play packs tons of strategy in the box
  • Super-cute meeples!

The World of End of the Line

Welcome to End of the Line (EotL), the game that proves that the torments of the DMV and your local bank won’t end with civilization. You have 5 family members, 5 resource lines, and 1 mission: you must escape obliteration while navigating the bureaucracy of the post-apocalyptic world. Place members of your nuclear family in lines to collect food, water, fuel, and ammo. First in line gets a bonus while last in line gets nothing! As dad, mom, boy, girl, and dog are in the various lines, they will suffer classic post apocalyptic nightmares meant to test your metal (and your friendships).

Lay low and pick your fights wisely if you’re going to make it to the End of the Line.

Gameplay Basics

End of the Line is as much about resource and worker management as it is rambunctious kick-your-neighbor fun. Analytical EotL requires closely watching where you place family members and understanding what you AND your opponents are going to get out of it. Resources help your family survive hardships and allow you to draw more action cards.

    Vital Stats

    Designer: Seppy Yoon
    Artist: Melonie Lavely
    Publisher: Fight in a Box
    MSRP: $50.00 (core game), $5.00 (meeple exp), $5.00 (premium cards))
    Atlas Stock #: FB010 (core game), FB011 (meeple exp), FB012 (premium cards)
    Format: Card Game
    Number of Players: 3-5 Players
    Ages: 13+
    Play Time: 70-80 Minutes
    Release Date: 2016