Deleted Scenes and Director's Cuts:

Feng Shui 1st Edition Errata

Several sections of text are missing from a few Atlas Feng Shui products.


A page of the story that runs between the various chapter of the Atlas Feng Shui core rulebook is missing and parts of it arenít in order. In the Daedalus edition the story is all printed in one chapter. The correct order of the story for those with the Atlas edition is below:

January 11 (pg. 4)

February 25 (Missing in the Atlas edition)

May 22 (pg. 162)

May 28 (pg. 200)

June 2 (pg. 75)

July 19 (pg. 190)

August 13 (pg. 60)

September 5 (pg. 108)

October 17 (pg. 116)

November 30 (pg. 126)

December 20 (pg. 172)

The missing text for February 25 is below:

February 25

The first time I went to the future screwed my head up bad. I grew up like most kids watching TV, expecting the future to be a better place, with spaceships and food pills and rocket backpacks. Then of course growing up I realized that the future was going to be like now, but more of it. Faster traffic, louder music, worse craziness. It was something I didnít give much thought to, ëcuz by the time you get to the future itís always turned into the present, right?

Of course, thatís before I got involved in all of this big fight for the feng shui sites. Whoíd have guessed that Iíd find myself in the Netherworld, which is everyplace and no place at the same time? I sure never thought Iíd be walking through a gateway into the future. 2056. Where I wasnít due to be until age eighty-seven, not that I expected to make it anywhere near that far.

The Prof made me put on some crummy threads before I went through for my mission. Nasty denim jumpsuit. Worse crap than my grandfather wears back on the mainland. This is the future, I wondered? Whatís the matter, they donít have GQ anymore in the twenty-first century? The Prof got cranky and shoved me through the gateway.

This is not the speed-paced go-go future I signed up for. I was on a big broad street, with gray rubber stuff instead of pavement. Gray. Everything was grey and brown. There were these big block-like concrete buildings on either side of the street. The sky was grey, too like it had just rained. Streaks of nasty weather crawled down the sides of the buildings. They were all cracked, too. There were hundreds of tiny windows lining each building, and lots of them were smashed and covered over with this plastic-looking sheeting. You guessed : it was grey, too.

I looked around the street for signs of life. The place seemed deserted. A big old truck appeared in the distance. I looked into the cab, but there was nobody driving it. Must have been automated or something.

I shrugged, shivering from the damp cool of the day. I wasnít there to make new friends. The Prof had given me a real simple assignment. I was to find myself a bar with the exciting name of RecFac A-180, which was somewhere on Street 8292. I had a map of the city to get me there. Inside RecFac A-180, I would find a table full of guys, one of them with an eye patch. If this guy with the patch was wearing a red cap, I was supposed to split. If he wasnít, I was supposed to use my special talents on ëem. I had a special talent strapped to each pec under the jumpsuit, and a third on my ankle.

This old woman, with a dried apple face just like my grandmotherís, came up to me and tugged on my sleeve.

"Consumer, you not from here."

I looked down and mumbled something vague. I missed my shades. Didnít anyone wear sunglaases in 2056?

"I neighborhood Consumer Watch," she said. She reached into a filthy plastic handbag and pulled out a plastic card with her face hologrammed onto it. "Your whereabouts authorization?"

Prof had prepared me for this, given me fake documents. I fished them out, just like she advised: donít be too quick to flash them, or youíll seem suspicious. I pulled them from my wallet after a little fishing around. Prof had taken my sharp leather wallet and replaced it with a grey plastic thing that felt sticky to the touch.

The old lady squinted at the document. Prof had said that snoopy old birds were the backbone of the police state. I thought the Prof had been making some kind of joke I didnít get it, but evidently she was just giving me the facts. There was something in the ladyís expression that creeped me out even more than all the magic and weird stuff Iíd see so far. It was like she was hoping thereíd be a reason to call the cops, that seeing me hauled away would just completely make her week.

She handed me back the document. Then she looked down at my legs. Damn, I thought sheís seen the bulge of my .38.

"Those pedal insulation units," she said.

It took me a few seconds to realize she was disturbed by my socks.

"Those are non-standard, Consumer. Are they black market?"

The good thing about old ladies is they stay down after one punch. The bad thing about old ladies is that punching them attracts attention. Before I knew it there was a sleek black cop car hurtling at me from an alleyway. As I pulled my special talents from their holsters and started blasting at its windshield, I realized that the cop car was the most attractive thing Iíd seen all day.


The stat block for the Pocket Demon, described on pg. 90 of the Atlas Edition, is missing in the Atlas Edition of Thorns of the Lotus. It is on page 84 of the Daedalus version. It reads:

Pocket Demon

Attributes: Bod 4, Chi 2 (Mag 8), Mind 3, Ref 8

Skills: Martial Arts 12, Intimidation 4, Intrusion 4, Creature Powers 15

Creature Schticks: Inevitable Comeback (comes back folded), Insubstantial, Armor 6


The text and stat block on Sun Chen on pages 71-72 of the Ronin Publishing Edition of Blood of the Valiant is missing in Atlas Edition. The text on Sun Chen is to go in between the descriptions of Wong Fei Hong and Fong Sai Yuk in Chapter Five. The text and block information is below.


Note: Sun Chen was recently killed in Operation Killdeer. His stats are provided for those who have chosen not to incorporate Killdeer into their own campaign. Or, if you are looking for a kick ass archer to put up against your PCs, just change the name and your good to go.

Sun Chen was born into a peasant family in northern China. While he was not the cleverest boy in his village, he knew the oppressive taxes of the government and landowners were wrong. He knew, as he watched his family sink deeper into debt, that something must be done to change the way of things. When he realized that he had become more of hindrance than a help to his aging father, he ran away from home. On the road, he encountered a wandering monk, who brought the young lad back to his Shaolin temple. There, Sun Chen learned of Neo-Confucian way. More importantly he learned the art of the bow.

Though none would bad mouth Sun Chen now, the truth is that wasnít much of a scholar. He learned about the Three Masters like any disciple at one of Quan Loís temples, but most of his ideas about justice and morality came from his peasant upbringing. He left the heavy thinking to others in the Guiding Hand and concentrated on what he did best: archery. And in that field he excelled. No one in the Guiding hand, and possibly the entire Secret War, could touch his skill with the bow. On innumerable occasions, Sun Chen went up against Pledged or Buro operatives armed with a serious firepower and he always came back alive. He only faltered when Quan Lo sent him on a mission that required more thought than action. When he faced with the Thing with 1000 Tongues, Sun Chen could not stand to fight. To do so would have gone against all his long-cherished beliefs. Instead, he stood up and fought and gave his life for the Guiding Hand. As Quan Lo, said, "The road to victory is slick with the blood of the valiant."

Sun Chen

Sample Dialogue: "My arrows will send you to hell."

Attributes: Bod 6, Chi 4 (Fu 9), Mind 6 (Int 4), Ref 9

Skills: Info/Neo-Confucianism 9, Guns 19, Leadership 10, Martial Arts 13

Unique Schtick: Has the same schtick as the Guiding Hand Archer type (see Chapter Six).

Schticks: [Fu Powers]: Abundant Leap, Bite of the Dragon, Breath of the Dragon, Claw of the Dragon, Darkís Soft Whisper, Friend of Darkness, Fire Strike

[Gun Schticks]: Carnival of Carnage (x2), Eagle Eye, Fast Draw (x3), Lightning Reload (x3), Signature Weapon (bow), Versatile Ammo (x2) [see Thorns of the Lotus]

Weapons: bow (9), fist (7), kick (8)